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Find the best Restaurants, Bars , Clubs, Eateries, Event centers and bakeries in Nigeria using Restaurants in Nigeria.

Restaurants in Nigeria (RiN) website directory is wholly owned by Hotels in Nigeria, a company registered in Nigeria by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with BN 300221. Restaurants in Nigeria is designed to assist operators/owners of Restaurants, Eateries, Bars, Bakeries, Clubs and Event centers locations, activities and facilities visible globally, thereby enhancing customer traffic as well as revenue. We handle your marketing strategies using modern marketing technology (Social Media) to increase your revenue while you focus on your core business.

Restaurants in Nigeria Directory is the gateway site for all the aforementioned businesses in Nigeria. Individuals and government personnel search the site daily to locate businesses of their choice for their delicious meals, have fun and book for their events.

We are smarter, more flexible, dedicated and hungrier for cutting edge knowledge than our competitors.


•             We handle your restaurant marketing/advertise while you focus on your core business.

•             RiN site allows your customers to know your restaurant location near them.

•             RiN site has an interactive front-end facility that enables your customers to search and find your restaurant location with ease.

•             We make your restaurant, Club, Bar, Eatery, Bakery and Event center visible globally.

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